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Telemark Offers Recirculating Cryochillers for Cannabis Extraction Winterization

Systems include Cryochiller, refrigerant lines, and cooling coil

Successive batches of ethanol can be cooled from room temperature to -40C in approximately 35 minutes (initial cool-down of tank and first batch of ethanol from room temperature to -40C requires approximately 50 minutes)

Telemark megacold - Maximum Load of 4800 Watts for even faster cooling & larger volumes

Telemark Model e-cool and megacold Cryochiller

Cryochiller, Refrigerant Lines and Jacketed Tank

  • Cools Ethanol to -40C or Colder
  • Tank sizes from 30 to 120 gallons Available
  • Systems can be customized to meet your needs.

Cannabis Extraction Cooling Systems consists of a Cryochiller, ethanol cooling tank, and the extraction tank. Optional components are ethanol pump and fill tube, ethanol drain tube and water cooler to supply cryochiller.

Model 3600Model 4800
Maximum Load (Watts)3,6004,800
Weight930 lb. (412 kg)990 lb. (449 kg)
Power supply380-440VAC 3 ph 50 Hz or 460VAC 3 ph 60 Hz or 200-230VAC 3 ph 50/60 Hz380-440VAC 3 ph 50 Hz or 460VAC 3 ph 60 Hz or 200-230VAC 3 ph 50/60 Hz
Full load Current Draw @ 60Hz @200-230V60 Amps96 Amps
Full load Current Draw @ 60Hz @380-440V30 Amps48 Amps
Start Up Max Current Draw @ 60Hz @200-230V85 Amps110 Amps
Start Up Max Current Draw @ 60Hz @380-440V45 Amps60 Amps
Water requirement (Maximum)8 lt/min @ 15°C, 16 lt/min @ 25°C, 30 lt/min @ 32°C10 lt/min @ 15°C, 18 lt/min @ 25°C, 32 lt/min @ 32°C
Water connections3/4” NPT female3/4” NPT female
Refrigeration Connections1/2” UltraSeal1/2” UltraSeal

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